Flu vaccinations (September-March)

Please be advised that we are not currently providing flu vaccines

To qualify for a flu jab you must be 65 or over, pregnant, have certain medical conditions (e.g diabetes, heart conditions) or a carer.


Please note as from 1st February 2020, we are no longer a travel clinic and cannot prescribe malaria tablets. We also do not give travel advice. For this, please visit:

If you require other travel vaccines, please get in touch with a private travel clinic, for example:


The chickenpox vaccine protects against the varicella zoster virus that causes chickenpox. The chickenpox vaccine is not part of the routine childhood vaccination schedule.  Two doses are recommended as this gives an even better immune response. There is a charge for this vaccination (£130 for full course).

Shingles vaccination

You are eligible for the vaccination if you are aged 70 or 78 years old.

Vitamin B12 – Folate Deficiency Anaemia

Vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia is usually treated with injections of vitamin B12, in a form called hydroxocobalamin. At first, you will have these injections frequently until your symptoms have started improving. These injections are given by the practice nurse.

Whooping Cough

You can have this vaccination from 16 weeks, during pregnancy to protect you and your baby.