Baby Care

Please ensure you register your baby as soon as possible after birth. It is vital that you are also registered in the same Practice as your child.

To do this you can fill in the online registration forms above or come to the surgery to collect a registration form and bring it back to us.

Please note when registering your child online you we will need you to provide us with the child’s immunisation history which you can find in your child’s RED BOOK which displays their NHS Number clearly.

Although we strive to complete every registration received on the same day we kindly ask that you do allow up to 2 working days for the registration process to be complete.

Once your baby is on registered with our practice, you can then book in for the 8 week checks and immunisations.

This appointment is with the Doctor followed by immunisations with a Nurse.

For the schedule of immunisations up until preschool age, please refer to the RED BOOK and make an appointment with a Nurse accordingly.

Health Visitors

The Health Visiting Team is based at Brocklebank.

You can normally see the Health Visitors at their drop-in clinic; for further information please contact the Brocklebank Medical Centre on 020 3818 8270.

Health Visitors are all trained Nurses who have extra training and qualifications in child health.They are a fantastic source of information about child development and health, parenting strategies, breastfeeding, nutrition and community support. They also offer help with social, emotional and environmental issues that affect families.