The Practice Nurses

Azeb Berhe & Vinolia Nyaho

Our practice nurses have clinics throughout the day, offering many services, some of which are listed below. If you would like to see any of them, please make an appointment at reception. The receptionist will need to know which type of clinic you wish to attend so they can reserve the appropriate slot.

  • Regular checks for people with asthma and high blood pressure.
  • New, intermediate and annual reviews for people with diabetes, heart and chest problems.
  • Advice on avoiding heart disease.
  • Advice on a healthy diet and weight reduction.
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Pre-pregnancy advice
  • Nursing procedures such as dressings, removing stitches, injections & ear syringing.
  • Cervical Smears
  • Adult Immunisations
  • Travel Health

For travel vaccinations it is best to start 6 weeks before leaving the country. We can also give Yellow Fever immunisation if necessary. (A fee is payable for some travel vaccinations, payment by cash or cheque to the Earlsfield Practice). A fee of £10.00 is also charged to issue private prescription for anti malaria and other medicines that you may need because you are travelling.

Health Care Practitioners

Deborah Robins & Shanaz Qureshi

In most cases new patients registering with the practice are asked to see one of our health care practitioners for a new patient medical. She will ask about your past medical history and allergies, check if you are on any repeat medications and set them up to reorder. She will measure blood pressure, height, weight and urinalysis and advise if you are outside the recommended ranges. She is also able to answer any questions you may have about our services and book you in to see the appropriate doctor or nurse.

They are also the persons to see for smoking cessation advice and prescriptions and to join our weight loss programme.


Ear Syringing

If you feel your ears are blocked with wax it is best to see the nurse or doctor first to check that this is so. You will then be asked to make an appointment with the nurse in about 7 days time for ear syringing. Please let the doctor or the nurse know if you have a history of a perforated (burst) ear drum, or a recent or current ear infection, as it may be unadvisable to proceed with ear syringing. Please follow these instructions prior to your ear syringing appointment with the nurse.

How to prepare your ears for syringing
Use olive oil to soften the wax. If you don’t have a pipette (dropper) ask for a small 2ml syringe from the doctor or nurse or ask the pharmacist for advice.

  1. Lie on your side.
  2. Put 5 drops of oil into the ear that needs to be syringed.
  3. Stay lying on your side for at least 5 full minutes.
  4. Do not put cotton wool or tissue into the ear afterwards. This will soak up all the oil you have just put in!
  5. Repeat this procedure 3 times a day or more, for a minimum of 7 days before your appointment.

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