Practice Policies

Zero Tolerance

The Earlsfield Practice operates a zero tolerance policy with regards to violence and abuse and the practice has the right to remove violent patients from the list with immediate effect in order to safeguard practice staff, patients and other persons.

We will notify the patient in writing of their removal from the list and record in the patient’s medical records the fact of the removal and the circumstances leading to it.

-Using bad language or swearing at practice staff

-Any physical violence towards any member of staff or other patients, such as pushing or shoving

-Verbal abuse towards the staff in any form including verbally insulting the staff

-Racial abuse and sexual harassment will not be tolerated

-Persistent or unrealistic demands that cause stress to staff will not be accepted

-Requests will be met wherever possible and explanations given when they cannot.


-This practice has wheelchair access.

-We do not discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.

Late Arrival

Less than 10 minutes late-

The patient will be checked in if they arrive within their 10 minute pre-booked slot. The doctor or nurse will call them in at the first available opportunity, as the following patient may have arrived in good time.

More than 10 minutes, less than 20 minutes late-

It is at the Doctor’s/Nurse’s discretion whether the patient will be seen on the day. The patient should be encouraged to re-book. In all cases, the Doctor will be sent a message advising them that the patient has reported late, and what the outcome regarding the future appointment is.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please make every effort to cancel it well in advance so that it may be offered to someone else. Non-attendance and cancellations at short notice without a valid reason deprives other patients of essential medical services.