The Earlsfield Practice

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Maternity Care


Please let us know as soon as you know you are pregnant (and preferably before the seventh week) so that we can book you in for antenatal care.

  • Antenatal check

20 minute appointment need to book in advance.

  • Postnatal check

20 minute appointment 6 weeks after giving birth.

Don’t forget to take Folic Acid and Vitamin D supplements as early on as you can, or come to see us for pre-conception advice.

  • If you can, make sure your smear tests are up to date before pregnancy as we cannot do cervical smears in pregnancy
  • Influenza vaccination is recommended as soon as you find out you are pregnant
  • Whooping Cough vaccination (to protect your newborn baby) from 20 weeks

After the baby arrives your midwife or health visitor will keep you informed of the relevant steps, however the doctors would also like to see you at 6 weeks for a post natal check.